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Every Fifteen Minutes

For the past 4 years, Allied Productions has had the privilege to work with the California Highway Patrol for a worthy cause. This year we have been lucky enough to work with the National City police, and the La Mesa police departments. Selected high schools in San Diego do a very well organized event against drinking and driving. 4 students are selected from the junior or senior class to be a part of a mock car wreck. We start by filming establishing shots of the kids stories. On the day of the crash the junior and senior classes come out to see two wrecked cars and 4 of their peers inside them. A by the book scene then unfolds complete with police, paramedics, fire department and even 911 dispatch. Camera men travel with four actors in the ambulance to a real hospital with trauma surgeons, a real police station to book the driver, and a mortuary. We then film a complete court scene with the judge, bailiff, district attorney and public defender all donating their time. Allied then takes the footage and edits it all overnight to show at an assembly the next day. This has proven to be a very effective way to teach kids at an impressionable age the dangers of drinking and driving.