NCL 2010


Market Creek Plaza Movie Night

For the third consecutive year Market Creek Plaza  in south east San Diego kicked off their weekly summer community series with their friday night movies.  1 large rear projected screen gives good viewing to the entire amphitheater and the movie can be started at sunset.


Webby Connect

Ritz Carlton Laguna Niguel

Recently we worked again with our clients Recognition Media for their yearly conference and executed a great event.  The stage consisted of 3 9'x12' screens separated by square spandex columns.  Using an edge blending software, we were able to freely use all three screens with one computer and also matrix the projectors to have the ability of playing videos and showing the presenters materials on the screens at any time.  Inside the columns we used LED panel lights, which gave us the ability to change between any colors we wanted to incorporate themes from the powerpoints and to keep the stage design looking fresh new every day.



2008 Mother Goose Parade

2008 Mother Goose Parade from Event Design Pros on Vimeo.

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